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1971 Dodge Challenger RT 440 Magnum in its second year of production

Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum 1971

The 1971 Dodge Challenger RT 440 Magnum is the second top option for the North American sports muscle car, the first being the 425hp 426 Hemi V8. The project was in its second year of production.


In the United States it debuted in 1970 and its production lasted until 1974. It shared its platform as the Plymouth Barracuda during this same period. In 1983 a new generation was launched in Japan with basically the same configurations as the first American project, in the Asian world it was produced between 1978 and 1983.

In 2008, the automaker brought the project back, with the look and powertrain reinvigorated, but the car’s lines and the power of the V8 are reminiscent of the first generation. With the end of V8 combustion engines, already announced by the automaker, which will begin its electrified project, the current zero km models are now leaving the dealership straight to collector’s collections.

Still in 1971, the Dodge Challenger RT received its first upgrade in appearance and powertrain, installing catalytic converters, leaving the powerful Muscle Car less powerful, this ended up having a big impact on the market, the consequences appeared in 1972 with its first drop in sales.


Today in the collectibles market, models produced between 1970 and 1971 are the most valued and in greatest demand. The example in our article went through a performance customization process. The 1971 Dodge Challenger RT 440 Magnum received a Holley 750 CFM Mechanical Quadrijet, Dual Control Chain, Double Springs with DumperKit, MSD ignition with internal module.

Forged crankshaft, high volume electric fuel pump Short Headman exhaust manifold, 727 torque flit automatic gearbox with rebuild kit and new valve body
Suspension and Running: New steering sector Borgeson Mopar, All suspension bushings changed, New arms and connecting rods, new shock absorbers, Magnum 15-inch wheels, 8 inches on all four wheels, BF Goodrich D- 255/60/15 T- tires 285/60/15.

Technical Data – Dodge Challenger RT 440 Magnum 1971 – In original factory configuration

Bodywork – Dodge Coupe;

Size – Large;

Ports – 2;

Engine – Chrysler RB-series V8 440 Magnum;

Cylinders – 8 in V;

Position – Longitudinal;

Torque – 654 Nm / 482 lb-ft at 3200 rpm;

Rear wheel drive;

Fuel – Gasoline;

Power supply – four-barrel carburetor or 4-Barrel Carburetor;

Hydraulic steering;

Transmission – 3-speed automatic, lever on the floor;

Clutch – Dry single disc;

Brakes – Ventilated disc brakes on the front wheels and drum brakes on the rear wheels;

Weight – 1660 kg;

Length – 4859 mm;

Wheelbase – 2794 mm;

Height – 1293 mm;

Width – 1933 mm;

Power – 380 hp;

Displacement – 7206 cm3;

Compression Ratio – 9.7;

Maximum Power – 4600 rpm;

Acceleration from 0 to 100 – 7.8 Seconds;

Maximum speed – 235 km/h;

Consumption: City 3.5 km/l – Highway 6.0 km/l;

Autonomy: City N/A – Road N/A;

Trunk – 244 liters;

Payload – N/A;

Fuel tank – 68 Liters;

Approximate updated value – N/A;

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Dodge Challenger RT 440 Magnum
Dodge Challenger RT 440 Magnum

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